150mm Silent Mixed Flow Fan With Wireless Controller
Model: W150S-01 RC

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Our Silent Mixed Flow Fan is designed for use in residential buildings including homes, hotels and apartments. It enables both hot and cold air transfer from one room to another.

Features include:

    • High performance motor
    • Quality plastic fan casing and external junction box
    • Wireless controlled – 3 speeds
    • Auto thermal protected
    • Flame-retardant shell, significantly improves safety
    • NMB bearings from Japan
    • SAA approvals
    • Can be positioned vertically, horizontally or hung between ceiling and roof.
    • NZ standard 3 pin plug
    • This is wireless so is run on battery power.  The power to the fan must be 240v at all times, otherwise the control panel will continue to send signals to the receiver on the fan and will quickly lose power to the battery in a couple of weeks. Standard usage would have battery life at 6-8 months. Battery model 27A 12V


Model Speed Voltage (VAC)/Frequency Current (Amps) Power (W) Speed (r/min) Airflow (m3/h) Air Pressure (pa) Net Weight (kgs)
W150S-01 RC Highest setting 230v/50Hz 120V/60Hz 0.28 51 2600 550 340 4


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