500mm Explosion Proof 10m Flexi Duct
Model: BTF50 10m Duct

$372.00 +GST

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Static conductive reinforced ducting, designed for redirecting stale air from hazardous location areas. This ducting fits our Explosion Proof Blower BTF-50.

  • Single-ply polyester reinforced PVC vinyl fabric hose
  • External wear strip reinforced with a spring steel wire helix
  • YL 94 V-O flame retardant
  • Aluminum couplers for easy connection
  • Lightweight for blower applications
  • Retractable for easy storage
  • Can be easily cut at the required length and taped at both sides (sound attenuator)


Model Diameter
Length m
BTF-50 10m Duct 500 10

In stock.


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